When I first came to see Julie I was a broken man. My life was changing in major ways incredibly quickly; I had a mental breakdown. Under recommendation from my GP I sought the help of counselling and so I met Julie.

While at first, I was nervous, it became quickly apparent that she was an incredibly kind, understanding and non-judgemental person. I soon became very comfortable with her and was able to talk about all the issues I’ve faced both old and new. She helped me see things from angles I’d never considered before and I came to understand myself like never before. At last, everything made sense and I could not only understand myself but truly accept myself as well.

Julie helped me start being open and honest about my emotions. She taught me not to deny myself these feelings, but instead how to embrace them in a healthy way. I’m now more open than I’ve ever been before thanks to this. I’ve been able to let go of feelings of anger and hatred that I’ve held onto for so long and not let them hold me back anymore.

Thanks to Julie, not only have I been able to return to my job; but I’ve also taken a completely different approach to how I go about my working day and my relationships with my bosses. This has caused us to have a much better working relationship and I now have a far better work experience than I ever had before. I couldn’t have done this if Julie hadn’t taught me how to open up.

Julie truly is a credit to the work of mental health care. She is an incredibly caring and intelligent woman who one can really be honest and open with. Without her I may still be a broken mess, but thanks to her I have become a brand new man. She helped take my broken parts and rebuild me into something new and better than before. It was an honour to go through this journey with her.


It was really nice to talk to Julie. It helped me so much with my mental health. She’s very comforting and warm-hearted. Thank-you for helping.

C, 15 years old

“Thank you for those sessions Julie. I found all of them really helpful and would recommend you highly. It’s refreshing to work with someone so skilled and aware.” S

“I wanted to say a massive thank-you, Julie.  You have helped me with so much and you’re amazing at what you do.  I feel like you genuinely care about my health, it’s such a nice feeling.  You’re an amazing person and keep doing what you’re doing.”  M, 19

“I started looking for a child therapist during lockdown 2020 as it was clear my 8yr old daughter was struggling.  I came across Julie’s profile on a therapist web page and her resume, as well as her profile picture really warmed me. I decided to drop her a note about my concerns and she responded within a few hours. Subsequently we proposed a phone consultation to better engage  with my situation and I rapidly felt confidence  from her knowledge and experiences with youngsters.

She was able to accommodate online sessions, when we where under full restriction and after a few month was  able to see G F2F. She quickly won her over and G never had resistance in going to her session, which is always a positive sign. Julie was able to provide a space  for G to unload her feeling and she helped her through the year to articulate those feelings outside of just throwing a heavy tantrum.

As a divorced child G  had difficulties even more during the lockdown adjusting between the 2 set of life / home and Julie provided an avenue and tools  for G to better comprehend the situation. I have no hesitation in recommending Julie, she creates an atmosphere where the child feels secure, safe and totally at ease to open up. She then works with the parents without breaking the trust she has established with the child. I thank you Julie for her help  which I carry with me every day in adjusting my behaviour with G too.“  L, a Mum

“I was introduced to Julie at Phoenix Counselling services in Feltham. Initially, I was very shy and struggled to hold eye contact during conversation. Quickly, I realised how warm and understanding she was, which helped me overcome sleep difficulties as well as emotional and psychological distress. Over time, I became more able to face my fears and anxieties, and make positive changes in my life.

She provided exactly what I understand an ideal therapeutic alliance to be; a space in which truth is grappled with, and pursued. I believe she did this by providing an empathetic and non-judgemental attitude, accompanied by truly listening to what I had to say, which allowed me to feel as if I could disclose whatever was on my mind; a crucial element to my personal growth. During my time with her, she also acted as someone I could bounce ideas and strategies off, which helped tremendously with the week-to-week on goings of my life, particularly in periods of lockdown. Moreover, I felt she effectively understood my goals and values, adapting her approach accordingly, in light of my strengths and limitations, to ensure I was making progress to work towards these. Thank you Julie for our time and work together, I wish you good luck in your counselling career, but with your skillset, dedication, and professionalism, I’m sure you won’t need it.”

“Julie was really understanding and helpful. Making me feel very welcome and understood me throughout the whole time.” I, 14

It was really nice and comforting working with Julie. She has helped me with my feelings and my mental health.   S, 10

Julie offered me clear and honest advice to all of my problems, in a well thought through time frame, that alleviated my anxieties about the problems I was having. This advice enabled me to take the positive steps I needed to make in order to improve my frame of mind. XA,18

Julie helped me through some difficult times, especially when I had no one to speak to. She helped me understand that past traumas which I thought I had left behind were still very raw in my mind. Julie taught me to feel at ease expressing my thought’s and feeling’s. Julie was courteous, polite and a good listener. I felt at ease each session, she made me feel heard and relaxed. I felt I was able to trust her with my thoughts and feelings, she helped me start seeing my true self again. I felt normal when I spoke with Julie, I didn’t have to pretend to be someone else or try to impress her because she was able to see just me. It felt nice, for someone to notice me and really wanted to help heal all my pains and traumas. Coming from a background where speaking about mental health or showing weakness is seen as a weakness, it was refreshing to be able to let loose and be heard. Thanks Julie, you helped a lonely, scared, anxiety driven person start to believe maybe I’m not that crazy. You helped me to start seeing myself and trying to work through all this pain and hurt cause by those I thought were sugar, but ended up being salt. I felt at ease in our sessions, you helped me reflect and see that I can be a good person. I have learnt that although I still have mental health issues, which I will still need long term assistance for, that I am capable of change one day. I might find the meaning of true friendship, love, affection, family and happiness one day before I die. I thank you for your support and kindness within our sessions, you have helped me realise that I’m not that bad of a person I just need to accept me for me. I thank-you for always listening and supporting me on this self-reflection process in my life. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, God bless you for always making me feel like I mattered and making this lonely woman feel safe. You are amazing, thanks. M

Thank you for helping me these past months, you’ve made me feel much more confident with helping myself and knowing myself.  I’ll forever be grateful for what you’ve done for me, many thanks, M, 14

Thank you so so much for helping, supporting and guiding M.

Thank you for everything you have done for her and for me.

To know your daughter at such a tender age is struggling, is so hard but to find someone like you whom she took to and liked immediately and who I trusted has just made this part of her journey not so scary.

She has enjoyed every session with you and I have loved how she has done this by herself with you and had this private time and space with you, though it was hard for me to not be part of it – I knew she was in good hands.

I also thank your pal who put me in touch with you 🙏 because in the beginning there seemed no one to turn to as very few work with people of M’s age.

You will always hold a very special place in my heart and I will forever be grateful for everything you have done for my daughter.

With the highest and kindest of regards

S, Mum