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I would love to discover a way for you to be able to cope with new situations and challenges; live a more productive and satisfying life; improve relationships; decrease anxiety and much more; please contact me if you would let me try and work with you to help make your life more complete.

About me

  • Love family, friends, football, tennis, yoga, walking, cricket and reading.
I never knew whether counselling was right for me, but Julie made me feel constantly reassured and comfortable. It was lovely to have someone who listens and offers a rational perspective to talk through feelings and situations that are going on in your personal life. Thank you for helping me change my mindset and see life through a more positive lens!
For someone who struggles a lot with being vulnerable and opening up, Julie helped me ease into my first ever counselling experience and made me feel just at home with her empathetic and nonjudgmental style. She helped me work on my boundaries and self esteem which has improved my mental health a lot. Thank you Julie for making me feel so seen, heard and understood.
Thank you, Julie, for listening with kindness and for believing in me.  I now believe in myself which is a true gift.
Thank you for helping me these past months, you’ve made me feel much more confident with helping myself and knowing myself.  I’ll forever be grateful for what you’ve done for me, many thanks, M, 14