When I first came to see Julie I was a broken man. My life was changing in major ways incredibly quickly; I had a mental breakdown. Under recommendation from my GP I sought the help of counselling and so I met Julie.

While at first, I was nervous, it became quickly apparent that she was an incredibly kind, understanding and non-judgemental person. I soon became very comfortable with her and was able to talk about all the issues I’ve faced both old and new. She helped me see things from angles I’d never considered before and I came to understand myself like never before. At last, everything made sense and I could not only understand myself but truly accept myself as well.

Julie helped me start being open and honest about my emotions. She taught me not to deny myself these feelings, but instead how to embrace them in a healthy way. I’m now more open than I’ve ever been before thanks to this. I’ve been able to let go of feelings of anger and hatred that I’ve held onto for so long and not let them hold me back anymore.

Thanks to Julie, not only have I been able to return to my job; but I’ve also taken a completely different approach to how I go about my working day and my relationships with my bosses. This has caused us to have a much better working relationship and I now have a far better work experience than I ever had before. I couldn’t have done this if Julie hadn’t taught me how to open up.

Julie truly is a credit to the work of mental health care. She is an incredibly caring and intelligent woman who one can really be honest and open with. Without her I may still be a broken mess, but thanks to her I have become a brand new man. She helped take my broken parts and rebuild me into something new and better than before. It was an honour to go through this journey with her.